"...Sensitively and tellingly directed...the plays are period gems...this talented company painted a beautiful picture of sixties London, pulled at our heartstrings and made us laugh..."


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The Private Ear and

The Public Eye

a double bill, written in

1962, by Peter Shaffer

author of Equus and



The Private Ear...  tells the story of Bob, a

shy young man with a passion for classical

music, opera in particular. He invites

Doreen to his bedsitter for supper where

his chat up skills are put to the test.  She

doesn’t like the music, but takes a shine to

laddish Ted whom Bob has brought in to

help him set up the evening. What follows

is both heart rending and funny.


The Public Eye... tells the story of Julian

Cristoforou, an eccentric private dick. He

has been hired by Charles, a stuffy old

accountant to spy on his young wife,

Belinda whom he believes is having an

affair… which she is after a fashion. In a

startling encounter when all three meet by

chance, the bizarre truth is revealed and

 the story turned upside down.

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